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Why Pedal Barges Make Sense for Partying

If you have a need to party or just want to get out on the water then the perfect place is the Houston Pedal Barge. The Pedal Barge has multiple features that will make your next experience shine with fun and unique memories. There are a number of details that will make your next journey unforgettable:

1) Large Bluetooth Speakers on the Bow and Stern of the Boat

These speakers are so large they can get the 35 foot boat rocking and bumping for every kind of party. If you end up on a private tour you will be able to control the speakers with whatever kind of music suits your needs. If you’re on a multi-group tour we can also have a crewman operate a playlist that includes all passengers requests. Not to mention if you’re one for dancing you can head to the front of the vessel under one of the speakers and shake what your momma gave ya.

2) Restrooms on Board

a man sitting on a bench

Unlike most vessels similar to it the Houston Pedal Barge comes with an on-board restroom so the party doesn’t have to stop. The restroom is spacious and regularly cleaned between and during tours. There is even a fully functional sink that will ensure there are no pee pee hands while on the water.

3) Spacious Sundeck 

There is a spacious sundeck that similar to the restrooms is not common on other types of pedal pontoons. The deck allows you to bask in the sun or to dance the day/night away. Additionally, the deck can be covered upon request to avoid any potential of sunburn. The deck features spacious bench space in case there aren’t enough pedal seats or you want to sit closer to the front of the vessel.

4) Fun Crewmen

On-board crew is skilled when it comes to both the water and good times. If you have any needs while on the water they are more than happy to help you. They’re knowledgeable about everything you see while on the water and can point you to the best spots to keep the party going after the tour is over.

5) Pedal-Assisted Paddlewheela plastic container of food

The thing that possibly makes the vessel more unique than other vessels is the amount of pedal seats. There are 12 seats on-board allowing many individuals to pedal at once. Due to the high amount of seats pedaling isn’t even a workout and is a nice, easy cruise through Clear Lake. Most importantly, there is an on-board motor so that if nobody wants to pedal they don’t have to in order for the vessel to actually push forward.

Hopefully, with all these great features you’ll think of the Houston Pedal Barge for your next party needs. If you mention this article you may even get 10 percent off your next booking with them!